By Annika von Holdt

Marie-Louise Otte had a dream to become a ballerina. At a young age she had already been accepted to audition at the Royal Danish Ballet, but her father put an abrupt stop to it. Born in Denmark at a time where girls were expected to pursue, not their dreams but a practical education, her father’s imagination couldn’t picture her young mind’s elusive dream and consequently discouraged her from pursuing it.

Dreams only sleep, they never die, and she never came to terms with her chosen path. A girl grew into a woman, and her mind kept dreaming. The theatre belonged to Marie-Louise, and she to it, even though she spent many years before she eventually hauled out the rebel flag, broke free, awoke the dream and claimed her world.

This side of 45, it was too late to pursue a professional dancing career, but she filled her void with the holler of promise and creations nothing short of a fairytale, all those spectacular ballet dresses she had envisioned and conjured in her mind she’d be wearing whilst dancing … she now re-created them from dreams and paper. With an ever-present air of drama, ballet and the theatre, each sculpture was and is created to be the most beautiful, each telling a different story where both pain and pleasure are suggested.

Destiny has found its way home, and Marie-Louise Otte has become one of those rare artists who create something unique, something you have never seen before. Her art pieces are one of a kind and don’t fall under any certain label. Even when you hold a piece of her art in your hands and closely inspect its maze of elaborate detail, try to identify the parts that hold the whole, it keeps its secret and mystery: you can’t quite fathom how it was created, the technique, method of making, the composition, which in turn makes the art piece even more alluring.

As arcane as the theatre itself, be it a dress veiled in white paper lace or black feathers, lined with rhinestone or shrouded in weathered moth-eaten surfaces, dabbled with gold, be it life-size or a miniature, each piece is a dream in its own right, frozen in time … for the viewer to enjoy now and for years to come.



Marie-Louise Otte

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